New Music for our Times

Baraque à FreeSilex
2023, Shhpuma label

The Baraque à Free collective was created in October 2016. It brings together young improvising musicians from the Toulouse region. The collective’s approach aims to explore the combination of constraint and improvisation, creating tailor-made frameworks for expression. Through a benevolent and curious artistic and human functioning, they intend to lay the foundations for a freer, emancipated as well as emancipatory music. They claim a creative, hybrid and original aesthetic in perpetual evolution

“After their first EP in 2020, l’Orchestre Baraque à Free came back with its new post-free rock creation !
SILEX is a collective piece initiated by Marion Josserand, Cédric Laval, Sylvain Rey, Simon Riou and Ludovic Schmidt. Rocking from noise to math, hints of chamber music, off the charts rock’n’roll or pure improvisation, the inspirations are as vast as the work is ambitious. A few riffs are presented, grinded, reinterpreted into the organic heart of SILEX. Multifaceted atmospheres, harmonious tranquillity, noisy spaces, rhythmic rage : La Baraque goes head first through four years of raw collective exploration of which SILEX is the outcome. 

released June 26, 2023

SARAH BRAULT – voice, modular synthesizers, glockenspiel
ANTOINE FERRIS – double bass and effets
MARIO·N JO – violine
VALENTIN LAFON – electric guitar
CÉDRIC LAVAL – electric guitar
JULIEN MASSOL – baritone saxophone
FLORIAN MULLER – bass and effects
SYLVAIN REY – piano and keyboard
SIMON RIOU – alto saxophone
LUDOVIC SCHMIDT – trumpet and mellophone
ARNAUD SONTAG – drums and glockenspiel

Recorded in March 2022 at the Studio de La Lune Rouge (82)
Sound recording, mixing: Benjamin Maumus
Mastering: Frédéric Alstadt (Mont Analogue)
Graphic design and illustration: Laura Lion
Production: GMEA- Center National de Création Musicale d’ Albi-Tarn, Collectif Baraque à Free
Executive production: Travasos for Trem Azul