KONFRONTATIONEN ’22 – festival for free and improvised music

Great Black Music and an electronic orchestra, lyrical moments and post-punk attitudes, European improvisation and Caribbean rhythms, melodic play and electroacoustic storms, musical reminisces and visions… The 42nd this year. Konfrontation in Nickelsdorf return to “normality”, when they again walk on stage in the hot Pannonic summer in the Hof der Jazzgalerie and on the Kleylehof.

As always, there is contemporary free music at the highest level, the diversity of artistic expression of different generations of female musicians and a program guided by the idea symbolizing the mythical bird Sankofa :E reminiscing, going back to traditions, learning from the past makes us gangen not only musically vor making progress

FRIDAY :: 22/07 :: JAZZGALERIE :: 19:00h

Bianca Iannuzzi (FR) :: voice
Eve Risser (FR) :: piano
Luc Ex (NL) :: acoustic bass
Francesco Pastacaldi (IT) :: drums

Sestetto Internazionale
Harri Sjöström (FI) :: soprano and sopranino saxophones
Gianni Mimmo (IT) :: soprano saxophone
Achim Kaufmann (DE) :: piano
Phil Wachsmann (UK) :: violin
Veli Kujala (FI) :: quarter-tone accordion
Ignaz Schick (DE) :: turntables, electronics

Full Sun
Ziv Taubenfeld (US) :: bass clarinet, percussion
Luís Vicente (PT) :: trumpet
Joost Buis (NL) :: trombone
Nico Chientaroli (AR) :: piano
Rozemarie Heggen (NL) :: double bass
Luke Stewart (US) :: double bass
Onno Govaert (NL) :: drums, percussion
Dudù Kouate (SN) :: percussion

SATURDAY :: 23/07 :: KLEYLEHOF :: 17:00h

MIMEO Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra
in memory of Peter Rehberg and Cor Fuhler
Kaffe Matthews (GB) :: the Ripley, microbrute, ipad
Phil Durrant (GB) :: semi-modular synths
Christian Fennesz (AT) :: electronics, guitar
Thomas Lehn (DE) :: analogue synthesizer
Gert-Jan Prins (NL) :: electronics, percussion, voice
Rafael Toral (PT) :: electronic instruments
& guests:
Peter van Bergen (NL) :: computer
+ tba

SATURDAY :: 23/07 :: JAZZGALERIE :: 20:00h

Franz Hautzinger/Magda Mayas/Burkhard Stangl
Franz Hautzinger (AT) :: quarter-tone trumpet
Magda Mayas (DE) :: piano
Burkhard Stangl (AT) :: guitar

Les Marquises
Emilie Škrijelj (FR) :: accordion, turntable, electronics
Tom Malmendier (BE) :: drums, objects

Black Top feat. William Parker & Hamid Drake
Pat Thomas (UK) :: piano, electronics
Orphy Robinson (UK) :: vibes
William Parker (US) :: double bass
Hamid Drake (US) :: drums

SUNDAY :: 24/07 :: JAZZGALERIE :: 19:00h

Dieter Glawischnig/Tanja Feichtmair
Dieter Glawischnig (AT) :: piano
Tanja Feichtmair (AT) :: alto saxophone, flute

Rahma Quartet
Rasha Ragab (EG) :: voice, perfomance, text selection
Lucio Capece (AR) :: bass clarinet, instrumental composition
Werner Dafeldecker (AT) :: double bass
Christoph Nicolaus (DE) :: stone harp

Silt Trio
Brian Settles (US) :: tenor saxophone
Luke Stewart (US) :: double bass
Dudù Kouate (SEN) :: drums, percussion, voice

Luís Vicente/John Dikeman/William Parker/Hamid Drake
Luís Vicente (PT) :: trumpet
John Dikeman (US) :: saxophones
William Parker (US) :: double bass
Hamid Drake (US) :: drums