New Music for New Times

JAGD – JAGD (Dux Recording Producers, 2021)

Emil MISZK – trumpet
Kuba SOKOŁOWSKI – piano
Hubert ZEMLER – percussion instruments
Jerzy ROGIEWICZ – percussion instruments
Miłosz PĘKALA – percussion instruments

“Four raw, minimalist pieces use the poetics of hunting signals, but introduce a definite distortion into their score. The trumpet, which has a triumphant function in the hunting ritual, acts in dispersion here. The sounds of the trumpet are after-images of the proper signals, they are diluted, distant, stripped of their symbolic role. The ecstasy of the hunter is suspended, it appears to be impossible to accomplish. JAGD is a spell against ecstasy. At the same time, a suppressed hunting triumph is not replaced by another triumph; ecstasy does not turn into another ecstasy. It is left in the distance, to die. One can see in JAGD a gesture of renouncing ecstasy as an ultimate form of strong, firm, and explosive expression. Departing from it means turning to regularity and aesthetic severity, and simultaneously – to the meditative dimension of music.”
Marcelina Obarska