New Music for New Times

Duszan BPlantageneti

Krystian Kniaziowski – guitar
Paweł Gawryłowicz – trumpet
Jan Niedziela – bass
Łukasz Mikołajczyk – drums

Recorded during two improvised sessions in Jan Koszałkowski’s studio in Cracow (18-19 September 2020).
Released February 11, 2021

Album consists of two parts:
PLANTA – about the natural world
GENETICH – about the realms of men

First full length album by Duszan B is a story about eating, about hungry gap, about scarcity of food and fighting for food and finally, about struggle for survival.
Or, it is a story about travels and adventures of the Plantagenets.
Or, it is a story about evolution of life on Earth and devouring the planet by mankind.
Or…we do not know it all yet.