New Music for New Times

Amazing debut record on Circum – Disc, great French label coordinated by Peter Orins with really nice outputs on Contemporary french-impro jazz rock orientated sounds!


The MORE SOMA trio is composed of a saxophone, alternately alto or baritone, a double bass and drums.


The MORE SOMA trio composes the music in real time.
The MORE SOMA trio likes it when it beats.
The MORE SOMA trio shapes its music chopped.
The MORE SOMA Trio also sometimes leans towards the poetry of a strange and penetrating melody.

The MORE SOMA trio only plays under constraint in order to better detach itself from it.
The MORE SOMA trio plays with paradoxes.

The MORE SOMA trio makes up for its mistakes. The MORE SOMA Trio doesn’t complicate things.
The MORE SOMA Trio releases its first record.

With the MORE SOMA trio, we improvise music a bit like playing hide and seek. We try to find each other as we walk away in a tangle of hiccups. The tempo is always slippery, twisted, and the harmony arises where you least expect it. The energy with which each musician tries to carry out his or her mission is most evident. So we open the hatches wide and run straight ahead.

With this first recording, the MORE SOMA trio lays the foundations of a music constructed in an empirical way. We try, we fail, we dodge, we stay the course. Recorded shortly after the creation of the group, it testifies to an urgency to open up the musical possibilities offered by individuality and the collective. MORE SOMA wants it all, right away.