New Music for New Times – invite to Decolonize Your Mind by Bálint Szabó

Obsessed by different tuning musical systems, especially non European ones, Gosheven – the moniker of Hungarian composer Bálint Szabó will release on 23rd October a studio album together with a cohort of Budapest’s impro-scene musicians. An organic one, that’s for sure, with real and odd instrumentation sometimes (using a glissonic wind instrument or the refretted intonation guitar).

The result is mesmerising, after a first spin the WTF effect popped out of the box and one of the first impression was like modern Marrocco’s sound moved somewhere in ‘70s of European psychedelic period of Don Cherry’s with a lot of twisted synth. The impression lasts for several spins, adding that organic heavy kraut-rock (more like Dwarfs of the East Agouza and Rangda – the outfit of Alan Bishop and Sam Shalabi) sound which can enhance the experience adding a new layer of beauty for each audition – a psychedelic ritual performance. You can see them live performing over here! Ecstasy is just near the corner, your inner-one!

Decolonize Your Mind Society (the name of the project) was founded by Bálint Szabó Gosheven as a natural continuation of his creative focus and work. The band has an absolutely unique sounding thanks to the special instruments they use like the glissonic wind instrument or the refretted just intonation guitar, not to mention the retunable analog synthesizer that further expands their amazing musical planet. Just intonation music needs new approaches, new instruments and their effort on their debut seems quite extraordinary.
Their first output is called – A Courteous Invitation To An Uninhabited Anabatic Prism, whatever that means, you can pre-order over here, available in vinyl and digital format.

The band recorded the material during three days at Supersize Recording Studio in Budapest and came out with this funny, unique, crazy sounding and uplifting music. Despite the current apocalyptic state of the world they tried to celebrate life through the sheer joy of playing together and they would like to present these extremely colourful tunes to the public as a reminder that there is always a bright side of this amazing magical universe.

Written and produced by Decolonize Your Mind Society
Recorded at Supersize Recording Studio, June 2020
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dániel Fejér
Artwork by Csenge Csató

Band members:
András Halmos – drums, vocals
Ernő Hock – double bass, vocals
Máté Pozsár – synth, unacorda, vocals
Dániel Váczi – glissonic, vocals
Gergely Kováts – saxophone, vocals
Bálint Szabó – just intonation guitar, vocals