New Music for New Times

8th of June 2020

Metro 3Half Life: Remixed & Reworked

released June 5, 2020
Metro 3 are:
Konstantin Suhan – trumpet, electronics
Dmitry Kuzovlev – electronics, guitar
Peter Ototsky – drums

Cover art: Konstantin Suhan
Disign: Pavla Paveletskaya

«Half Life» is an experimental album of the Metro 3 trio, specially prepared for a day without commission on Bandcamp. It was based on 10 looped rehearsal recordings that the band made in preparation for the Richterfest 2018. At that moment, however, as always, it was in a state of half-life: on the festival day it was impossible to even predict whether it would go on stage or not — therefore, the album was decided to call this term from nuclear physics — «Half Life». In preparation for the performance Metro 3, which includes Konstantin Suhan (trumpet, electronics), Dmitry Kuzovlev (electronics, guitar) and Peter Ototsky (drums), recorded several hours of gloomy, drowned in the sound effects of improvisations, in which the influence is clearly audible industrial and techno.

The compilation included 1 original rehearsal recording — an 18-minute epic post-club thriller, part of which was already published on our promo compilation for Richterfest 2018. Now you have the opportunity to hear its full version. The rest of the unkempt rehearsal recordings were decided to be remixed to 13 beloved artists — quite famous and completely unknown. Due to the fact that the idea of ​ a remix album came to our mind 6 days before the publication of this text, the artists were limited by hard deadlines — which is more interesting, as it seemed to us.