New Music for New Times

25th of April 2020

Frank Rosaly’s ¡Todos de Pie! – self titled
released October 15, 2019
Jaap Blonk Recordings

¡Todos De Pie! is a project spearheaded by drummer Frank Rosaly that examines the music of Puerto Rico through the lens of experimental and improvised processes. Using Bomba, Plena, Son, Guaracha and Yaguaré from Puerto Rico as a framework, ¡TdP! pushes the boundary of genre and tradition. It is also an exploration of Frank’s relationship with his Puerto Rican roots, approaching the music of his blood heritage through his cultural heritage as an American jazz/improvising musician.

Gabriele MitelliThe World Behind The Skin
released November 11, 2019
WE Insist! Records

The World Behind The Skin is a solo project by Gabriele Mitelli, musician and performer from Brescia, Italy, first production of autumn 2019 by WE INSIST! Records.
The World Behind The Skin is the occupation of a physical and emotional space, the attempt to recreate one’s intimacy and to tell one’s story by means of sound, of noise, trying to find again one’s own being through the direct contact with the people, the works and the walls defining its structure.

“…penetrating inside the texture of the noise itself, adapting to its features, floating on its dynamics, and finally absorbing its vibrational nexus. What we could discover then is a complex world of relations between objects and human desires within a natural scenario, a primitive and chaotic magma that suddenly reveals its hidden and complex beauty”
Nicola Di Croce

“The understanding is the SOUND. Revelatory polyphony. Monophonic resplendence. Cracking thunderous analog. Even the trees move steadily in the wind, strengthening the roots which hold ground. The top the bottom. Low to High. Middle. Everything in between. The SOUND runs the spiritual essence, the SOUND finds its way into mighty streams