New Music for New Times

9th of April 2020
J A Z Z from North

Carsten Meinert ‎– C. M. Musictrain (Revisited – The Remix & More 50th Anniversary Edition)
released 20 March 2020
Stunt Records

Meinert has already secured his place in Danish jazz history with the album To You (M.S. Records, 1968), a beautiful Danish translation of John Coltrane‘s modal innovations that was reissued on Frederiksberg Records in 2015. Now follows a perhaps even rarer Meinert record that sees him seeking new paths in the company of fifteen musicians, including one of his close collaborators, pianist and arranger Ole Matthiessen.

Matthiessen is also involved in the 50th Anniversary Edition of the album. The vinyl version comes as a replica of the original, but the CD adds three extra takes of “San Sebastian,” “Before Sunrise” and “C.M. Music Train.” Matthiessen has written notes in Danish and English and helped bring the sound up to date together with Julian van Kranendonk and Jørgen Vad. The result is as sparkling and vital as the music is.

Pahaska – st
released 26 March 2020

PAHASKA consists of Emma Swensson (SWE), Anne Marte Eggen (NO) and Sille Ellehammer (DK). Three friends who met 10 years ago in Malmö and started playing music together without any expectations on genre or sound. The instrumentation is unusual and perhaps unique and consists of oboe, tenor saxophone, clarinet, english horn and double/electric bass.Naked melodies with both forceful and fragile tone of air – filled woodwind balancing on a lonesome bass. Pahaska means long hair on Sioux.