New Music for New Times

26th March 2020

Focus on a small independent and creative UK label: Marionette
Record Label founded in 2013.
Releasing hard to place electronic and electroacoustic music
onto heavyweight vinyl with meticulously handcrafted cover-art.

Valentina Magaletti & Julian SartoriusSulla Pelle
released August 30, 2019
Marionette label

Valentina Magaletti and Julian Sartorius maintain a dialogue of irregular tempos and off-kilter percussion on their first collaborative record titled Sulla Pelle……

Sulla Pelle chisels away at your headspace at varying velocities with a harmonious flow – at times gently carving out channels that dramatically flood with syncopated kick drums and shifting propulsive beats. It’s as much about monotonous playing as it is about those moments where it seems as though every vertebra branches into tentacles and antennas ricocheting hits in foreign symbiosis.

Rasping prepared drums that traverse the body into all sorts of ceremonial throttles, hedonistic arm flails, primal cheer at every incipient dynamic accent. This raw and sparse drumming and percussion record sees Valentina and Julian cueing each other in on interlocked ratchets and clanks with different mallets and metalwork from Malcom Catto’s studio on top of modular tinkering and occasional distant subdued ramblings.

KilchhoferThe Book Room
released February 28, 2018
Marionette label

The Book Room is Kilchhofer’s musical diary, it’s his library of emotions. It’s a fairytale, an imaginary place shaped by exotic cultures, an escape from modern society, a collage of real and imagined experiences. You can hear influences abstracted from a wide number of musical approaches: the story-telling nature of folklore music, naive and conflicting rhythms of tribal drums, melodies and pads reminiscent of classical minimalism and microtonal experimental music, the freeform approach of early electronic music and krautrock, and buried deep within the tracks some hints of hedonistic dance and club music.