New Music for New Times

24th March 2020

Joe Westerlund Reveries in the Rift
released February 26, 2020
Psychotic Hotline label

This is music for deep breaths and meditation, sure, but it also doesn’t need to be confined to a private moment. Perhaps the gift of ambient music like this is that it doesn’t entirely jerk you away from your life; it just makes you pat the ground around you a little harder as you remember where you are. 

RanilRanil y su Conjunto Tropical (Limited Dance Edition)
released March 20, 2020
Analog Africa label

Ranil’s music came into being far from Lima, the Peruvian capital, where Cuban-style big band and guitar waltzes vied for popular supremacy. On the distant banks of the Amazon, where Ranil spent the early years of his adulthood working as a schoolteacher, the air was full of the criollo waltzes of his youth, carimbó rhythms from nearby Brasil and crackly broadcasts of cumbia from Colombia picked up on transistor radios.