New Music for New Times

22 March 2020 – focus on Romanian’s artists

Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento – Ghostophonia
released February 13, 2020
Cinemaude label

A concept album loosely based on the folklore music from the region of Banat, Romania, collected and recorded by Bela Bartók on phonograph cylinders, roughly a century ago.

When the Sun Falls Silent, the first pack of ghosts start painting the walls bright red.
Their lips clatter repeatedly, summoning Winds Veiled in Darkness.
Skeleton horses and old rusted carriages slowly carry their families to the Underwater Cemetery.
Heavy chains Break from the Cellars, crawling on their bellies across the scorched grass.
Merry Scythe-Wielding Crones collect mandrake by the new moon’s light.
Boats made of pork ribs and lard Slop Wretched after completing their task.
The bride’s uncle creaks his bones to the Rhythm of the Noose.
Soldiers with golden buttons for eyes glean their Lost Youth from the TV.
Any Hidden Beholder would transform into a hollow tree when spotted.
Ghosts of the Fallen Hunters feed the ghosts of their pray with table scraps.
If they can hear us now, it will be Our Turn to Hear Them.
The violin player launches into a joyful song, his Fingers Gliding over the diners.
All return to the deafening train Descending to the Center of Earth.

Andrei Kivu / moody alien – ManKiL
released September 3, 2018
Thirsty Leaves Music label

(i) technical: A collage of improvisational recordings, some of which inspired by others.
(ii) practical: A long sonic verse to meditate by.
(iii) personal: Getting to know each other intimately without actually meeting.
(iv) philosophical: “[…] complete and of some ampli­tude; in language enhanced by distinct and varying beauties; acted not narrated; by means of pity and fear effectuating its purgation of these emotions.” [from Aristotle’s ‘Poetics’]
(v) subjective: Music.