New Music for New Times

20 March 2020

Norbert Moslang Patterns
Bocian Records
released March 5, 2020

sopranosax: sascha armbruster / oboe: kelsey maiorano / clarinet: toshiko sakakibara / trompet: jens bracher / trombone: stephen menotti / tuba: janne jakobsen

Sonoristic experiments, strange timbres, extended playing techniques, exotic or unusual instrumental compilations, home-made resonators and innovative ways of improvising – the music of “Patterns” is fundamentally based on free improvisation and has many relations to experimental, spectral and contemporary academical music. Saxophone, clarinet, oboe and trumpet are the leading instruments. They contain the basic of the melody line which is driving filled with stunning passages, furious growls and full blasts. Vivid, elegant or intriguing and aggressive saxophone, expressive moving clarinet brings the basics of avant-garde jazz – free improvisation, spontaneous solos, sudden jumps from the one mood to another, strange, eclectic and exclusive musical decisions, dizzy passages and gorgeous ornaments are the main elements of saxophone improvisations. 

Paddy SteerArkipelagon
self produced
released May 2, 2019

 Glorious synths and funky driving beats