Best records of 2019

Exists into a corridor (Hubro Music)

Recorded over two days in Brooklyn in January 2018, Exoterm’s ‘Exits into a Corridor’ presents a new Norway/US supergroup playing compositions by bassist Rune Nergaard that mix thrashy, take-no-prisoners improv with dreamy, electronically-assisted soundscapes. Tough, muscular bass riffs from Nergaard and blasting, out-there saxophonics from Kristoffer Berre Alberts are complemented by the complex, multi-faceted musical personalities of drummer Jim Black and guitarist Nels Cline – both total legends in their field – to produce a distinctively edgy blend of influences and attributes.

“What unites us is our love of jazz, rock and improvised music. In this band every rule and musical boundary is torn down, and we combine our musical influences in one, big gumbo of sound.” says Rune Nergaard.