NARTcore – miniturneu in Romania

14940009_1759035027681197_3966588381738614746_oNARTcore, duo-ul din Budapesta, despre care Gabi Burllau a scris acum cateva luni o recenzie a discului lor aparut la labelul portughez Creative Sources, ajunge in Romania in cadrul unui mini turneu in Timisoara, Oradea si Cluj Napoca.

In Aethernativ – miercuri 9 noiembrie, Moszkva – 10 noiembrie, respectiv Sax in Cluj – 11 noiembrie

La ce sa va asteptati? Veniti cu urechile destupate si ramaneti curiosi!
improvised music, free, sax, trumpet, live electronics

Discul se poate asculta integral si achiziona de pe pagina lor de Bandcamp. #Go4it


They hate each other! Constructive hate like emotional intelligence. And it’s working! The result is absolutely a blast, each and every time. Their live performances are like a sonic boom and exploding every time into another part of your core. Every time they are playing it’s like a primordial struggle and like a cosmic hug. They really have good times sharing their inner selfs to any kind of audience.

NARTcore is:
Ádám MEGGYES – trumpet, objects Gergő KOVÁTS – electronics, sax

Ádám Meggyes was born in Budapest in 1983. He started his classical music studies at the music school of his home town, Budaörs, after that he went to Bartók Conservatory (Budapest). He studied jazz first at the Music Studio of Kőbánya, and than he became the student of Liszt Ferenc Music Academy jazz-trumpet department in 2006. He started composing pieces in 2007. In 2009 he won the 3rd price in composing category of the Hungarian Jazz Federation’s competition (Composing and Arranging for Big Band) with his composition called ‘Double Q’. Since 2008, he is a member of Irie Maffia – one of the best live bands of Hungarian pop music. He is an active performer in free music in Hungary and abroad as well. He also performs as a soloist in many jazz, free jazz and avantgarde recordings.

Gergő Kováts is one of the most interesting and unexpected Hungarian musician of the young generation. His musical future is still a story to be told. Make sure you’re part of it!


Cateva secvente si interviu (din pacate doar in maghiara momentan disponibil) din cadrul concertului lor de pe A38 din cadrul Ujbuda Jazz Festival 2016, Budapesta.