Rafal Mazur (PL) & Keir Neuringer (USA) live @Moszkva

rkRafal Mazur – acoustic bass(PL) si Keir Neuringer – alto saxophone(USA) revin in Moszkva dupa doi ani! Sambata – 7 noiembrie, ora 20:00 @Moszkva in sala de nefumatori!

Octombrie 1999, jam session intr-una din pivnitele din Cracovia, marcheaza intalnirea celor doi invitati, Rafal Mazur – acoustic guitar bass si Keir Neuringer-alto sax. Apoi, totul e o poveste care se re-scrie si re-interpreteaza la fiecare concert, partitura sonora in planul improvizatiei creative. Un basm serial de 60 minute cu aceleasi personaje dar de fiecare data cu un alt fir epic.

Mazur and Neuringer share an intuitive sense of form developed in real time and in tandem with each other, and produce an extraordinary range of sonorities employing limited physical sound sources (acoustic bass guitar, occassionally bowed, and unamplified saxophone). In their years of playing together they have moved between and within extremes of energy and restraint, achieving what reviewer Stef Gijssels dubbed “a perfect symbiosis of sound, jointly creating something that goes beyond the voice of the individual instruments……..


There is no doubt that these two musicians communicate on a telepathic level and their virtuosity is simply stunning. However, listening to this music might prove to be way beyond even most adventurous listener because of its incredible intensity and total dedication. The music is completely devoid of melodic element and the staccato lines lasting for quarter of an hour are a challenge.

But on purely artistic level and for diehard Free / Improvised fans this music is simply phenomenal. The sheer “impossibility” to actually play it already makes it fascinating and considering the rapport and dialogue present herein at every moment simply nail it completely. There is an intrinsic intellectual beauty to this music, even if the totally emotional form might exclude intellectualism by definition. Nevertheless this fascinating contrast keeps the listener on his toes for the entire duration of the album.

Since I´m not familiar with their previous adventures, I´ll definitely have to investigate those now, after listening to this album. The other enigma is of course the ability of Neuringer to play in an uninterruptable stream lasting for many minutes. Is he using circular breathing?

Perhaps this music is primarily meant to be heard live, and a recording transfers the listening experience with some, if not a significant loss of the overall effect. If this album is a “muffled” experience, the real deal must have been totally scary. Ye brave hearted free spirits unite!”
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Cei doi vor sustine un concert si in Timisoara @Aethernativ in data de 6 noiembrie, vineri!