Jazz de Craciun cu Fish in Oil (Belgrad, Serbia) in Oradea

1614508_763743443695050_269645438713565438_oMiercuri, 10 decembrie, o trupa faina, Fish in Oil din Belgrad vine prima data in Oradea. Si vine cu jazz si nu de oricare ci din scoala lui Zorn & Ribbot.
Asa ca nu ar trebui sa ratati evenimentul.

The band Fish in oil  performs original instrumental music, colored with a bit of blues, rock and roll, surf, folk, free-jazz, film-music atmosphere, at the same time avoiding to be classified under any of these.

Music of this band reflects accurately the time and the region where it comes from; namely, this is an intriguing mixture of the western and eastern cosmology,  fusion of history and contemporary life.


As a composer, Radovanovic is a deft hand, and he pays great attention to harmony and rhythm while still allowing for maximum improvisational freedom. “Hej, hej” is particularly tightly composed, and interestingly enough, beside the sinuous melody and the call and response between the guitar and the brass section, the mid section is a playground for Radovanovic, a brilliant soloist, who takes on delicate solos and melodies, that recall the finest and rockiest moments of Ribot’s Los Cubanos Postizos era. The closing track “Pijeta” is a masterpiece. It’s loaded with color, mood, and harmonic shade, but really lives in the players’ subtle inflections of line and timbre. It is hazy and shimmering.


Locatie: Moszkva Cafe #Oradea (non smoking concert)
Ora de incepere: 20:30
Bilet in ziua evenimentului – 15 lei, in avans – 10 lei
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si cica pe piesa asta iese sangeretele curat! Pijeta!