Gentle giant dada-magician ID M Theft Able & Rogvaiv @Moszkva Cafe Oradea

Iidmtheftable&rogvaivD M THEFT ABLE is an improvising vocalist/frictist/texturalist (among other things) from Portland, ME. He has played at various festivals, bars, living rooms, bathrooms, beaches, galleries, book stores, mansions, basements, birthday parties, across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Id M Theftable’s god-given name is Scott Spear. He lives in the woods off a highway near Portland, Maine. He’ll often go out into the woods and use sounds of running water or birds to use later for collages. Part of his encyclopedic influences must come from nerding out in Strange Maine, a record store that doubles as a concert space and safe haven for weirdo artists. Scott’s played hundreds and hundreds of shows—taking a look through the bills he’s been on reveals a bona-fide who’s-who in underground noise.
Scott’s also released dozens and dozens of tapes, LPs and 8-tracks, many of which have been released on his own imprint, Mangdisc.

There really are no words for the mind-destroying weirdness that is an Id M Theft Able live performance.

O sa aveti ce povesti in seara de Craciun, garantat:)
In deshidere Rogvaiv cu un set de 30 min.

Marti, 9 decembrie @Moszkva Cafe Oradea! de la ora 20:00 in sala pentru nefumatori:)
bilet: 10 lei