Concert eveniment in Oradea – Wovoka, 22 septembrie

Un concert “altfel” pentru Oradea, quartet-ul polonez Wovoka, all star ensemble. Un proiect nou al guitaristului Raphael Roginski, o figura aparte in peisajul european al muzicii creative si complet wovoka4webdiferit fata de abordarile “sonore” avute de acesta pana in prezent.


Music played by Wovoka combines rural blues and native american tribal feeling in a hypnotic, mystical way…..

Chabiera sings and screams and cries through the songs, she’s truly an incarnation of a shaman prophet. Her voice is strong, deep, dark and filled with passion as much spiritual – religious as carnal – sexual…..

Wovoka’s music is both singular in vision and powerful in execution. Bluesy, spiritual, hypnotic, trance, tribal, seductive, sinous, psychodelic. It makes you it’s captive. Either you will surrender and dance the Ghost Dance or you’ll be scalped and your soul will be lost to you forever. Call me a believer but I daresay it’s one of the most exciting releases of the year.


Cam asa va fi, duminica, 22 septembrie @ Moszkva Cafe, ora 21. Biletele se pot achizitiona de la Moszkva Cafe, pretul unuia fiind de 10 lei, iar in ziua evenimentului 15 lei.

So, let’s do the Ghost Dance!