Cactus Truck or how would little Nietzsche dances nowadays?:)

Cactus Truck in OradeaAlive and well?!
De nu, e cazu’ sa va reveniti cu un nou eveniment cultural “incomod” marca
Cactus Truck, echilibristica inversata sonora intr-un ritm galopant cosmic, un trio olandez aparut acum cativa ani pe scena muzicii improvizate, cu un traseu fulminant, turneee in Statele Unite, colaborari cu legende precum Joe McPhee, Jeb Bishop, Terrie Ex, Wally Shoup, cu aparitii live extreme si spectatori nauciti dupa fiecare reprezentatie.

“Concerts of the year: Cactus Truck at Zebulon, NYC, 1 November 2012.”
Andrey Henkin’s Best Of 2012, New York City Jazz Record

“Cactus Truck opts for the monumental approach, the Grand Gesture, the Fucking Statement. Nietzsche would have found all this excessive courage great. … A welcome kick in the jazz balls.”
Guy Peters, Goddeau/Enola

“The manic intensity and skronking chaos of Cactus Truck whose hyper-energetic jazz free-form workouts are enough to spark electricity between the ears and get you grinning like a cheshire cat. The band display amazing understanding and dexterity, their almost telepathic interplay giving the piece a vitality and rhythm that is hard to pin down but excellent to listen to.”
Ptolemaic Terrascope

“Improvisations of a raw beauty, grinding and chaotic.”
Ab Baars

vor sustine in Romania, in premiera un miniturneu organizat de in partea de Nord-Vest a tarii. Astfel:
3 August – Oradea @ Moszkva Cafe, ora 21,  bilet 13 lei;
4 August – Carei , @ Strandul Termal Carei, ora 21, intrarea libera;


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