Dora Attila/Michal Dymny/Vasco Trilla @ Moszkva Cafe Oradea

poster Dora/Dymny/VascoUn eveniment incomod MuzicaDeVest, cu un trio european:
Dora Attila(Budapesta) – saxophones,
Michal Dymny (Cracovia)- electric guitar
Vasco Trilla (Barcelona) – drums.

Luni, 29 aprilie, Moszkva Cafe, ora 20, intrarea 13 lei!


 Dora Attila 

Dóra’s blowing into wild regions of our human subconscious, be it nighmarish or dreamlike, and anything in between.
(Stef Gijssels)

He studied Maths and Philosophy and graduated as ’buddhist theologian’ in ’The Gate of Dharma’ College in Budapest. Currently he plays on alto, tenor, baritone-sax, bassclarinet and build momentary sound installation on PC with Audiomulch and iPhone.

„Some people call my style ’free improvised music’, others say it’s ’conceptual noise structures using chance-operations’. As in the concept of ’no-self’ from buddhist tradition, I say thinking of categories makes trouble. I say both notations depending on different days. I focus on stepping across a border, or standing on the borderline. I improvise.”

He has been guest teacher of Contemporary Dance Academy and TKBF on the last decade.

He composed musid for choreographers and artist as Daniel Lepkoff, Benno Voorham, Oleg Soulimenko, Eszter Gál, Zuzanna Markiewicz, Sabine Fazekas, Denes Debrei, – had played theaters of András Jeles, Yoshiko Chuma and Piotr Bikont, – collaborated with several musicians: Paul Lovens, Balazs Pandi, Raymond Strid, Qba Janicki,John Edwards, Rafal Mazur, Slawek Janicki, Marco Eneidi, drMáriás, Mikolaj Trzaska, Toni Dezső, Rovar17, Zlatko Baracskai, Rolls Rolf Langhans among others and played on 3 cd’s with Michal Dymny.

He played on 50th Ljubljana Jazz Fest, Krakow Autumn, Cultural Congress, NY Improvisation Fest (97, 02) and with different ad-hoc groups in Russia, Romania, Serbia, Greek, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Poland, France, Cuba and USA.


Michaà_DymnyMichał Dymny is an improvising musician, playing the electric guitar. He has developed an individual style based on sonoristic techniques and instrument preparations that he applies in free improvisation. He has participated in a number of events organized by the Krakow-based group Improvising Artists, as well as in projects known as Entropy and Process – Laboratory of Intuition. He collaborates with improvisers from various countries, taking part in such festivals as Audio Art, Unsound, Sound Exchange, PAFME Festival, Paprika Jam (improv festival), Laboratory of Intuition, 2nd RELATIVE (CROSS)HEARINGS FEST in Budapest, and Art-Camp in Jászberény. Throughout 2008 and 2009 he organized Open Sessions – monthly meetings of improvisers, with the help of the cracovian club Swieta Krowa and Radio Art. At present he involves himself in various initiatives connected with collective improvisation, plays guitar in Nucleon and HiQ, and writes theatre/film music as part of Sound Ensemble. He’s also completed his master’s degree in film studies at the Jagiellonian University”


Vasco Trilla Gomes Dos Santos

Vasco TrillaHe started to  play drums at the age of 19, at the beginning he was very interested in progressive rock, metal  and slowly was turning  to  jazz and avant-garde improvisation.

He studied with different teachers such as Aldo Caviglia, Jo Krause and Marcelo Gueblon, yet has been mostly self-thaught , playing with a vast array of bands of  different styles, death metal, progressive rock, jazz, pop, etc…He also plays Indian tabla ,trying to integrate it into the drum set as well as a solo instrument. Currently he is very active in the free scene of Barcelona, trying to apply non conventional techniques to the drumset .