Shakespeare Festival, Gyula

Intre 29 iunie si 11 august, la Gyula, la 70 de km de Arad,  teatru si jazz, cam de vazut si auzit. Silviu Purcarete, Vukan , Dave Holland, Craig Taborn, Mezei Szilárd

8 July Vukán: Tempest – jazzconcert courtyard
18 h 00 Performed by György Vukán – piano, Elemér Balázs– drum, of the Museum, Krisztián Pecek Lakatos – doublebass, Ticket price: HUF 1500

12 July „Performance of two amazing actors with mimicry, movements and music” Chamber Theatre,  20h30 W. Shakespeare: The Tempest
Cast: Mick Jasper, Iain Amstrong
Directed by Geoff Bullen
Production of the AJTC Theater Company (Great-Britain)
Ticket price: HUF 1800

13 July New performance by the world famous director, Silviu Purcarete Erkel Community
20h30 W. Shakespeare: The Tempest House
First night Directed by Silviu Purcarete
Production of the Craiovai National Theatre (Romania)
Ticket price: HUF 1800

14 July W. Shakespeare – F. C. Madeva: I Am That I Am Chamber Theatre
18h00 Shakespeare monologues and musical sonnets
Production of the Theotron Association – „Varázshegy” Theatre Workshop (RO)
Directed by Zsolt Imre Mátyás
Ticket price: HUF 1500

15 July Spectecular South – Korean successful show in Gyula after Edinburgh Castle Stage
20h30 W. Shakespeare: The Tempest
Directed by Oh Tae Suh
Production of the Mokwha Repertory Company (South – Korea)
Ticket price: HUF 1800

19 July The world famous Japanese Taiko Band also known from the film Matrix Lake Stage
20h30 GOCCO – concert of the Japanese drum band
Ticket prices: HUF 3900 – 4700 – 5500 

21 July The 21st Gyula Castle Jazz Festival       Lake Stage
19h00 Dave Holland PRISM QUARTET /Dave Holland, Craig Taborn, Kevin Eubanks, Eric Harland/ (USA),
The Tommy Vig Quintet & Mia Kim (USA-H),
Mezei Szilárd Trió /SRB/, 
Dániel Annah – HOT SWING TODAY (H)
Ticket price: HUF 4700      

Programul detaliat se poate descarca de aici.