RITO – Rito (Gustaff)

Rito is an artistic collective based on four musicians: Piotr Pawlak, Michał Gos, Jacek Stromski and Kuba Staruszkiewicz.

Three drum sets – three percussionists with extremely different musical pedigrees. The whole is completed by a prepared guitar, samples, electronics.

Rito is trance, meditative and sometimes experimental music, whose main foundation is emotions and energy. Rito – in Esperanto means – rite and ritual. Not coincidentally, they refer to universal rites for many cultures, procedures in which, through various means of expression, their participants are brought into trance. A state in which there is an intense sensation: mystical, energetic and sometimes healing.

The idea of ​​the collective are meetings with musicians but also artists from other fields of art: performance, dance or visual arts.

Rito produced an hour-long concert, recorded during the benefit of Piotr Pawlak, which took place on the Kameralna Theater Stage of the Wybrzeże Theater in Sopot. His television premiere took place on TVP Kultura. Currently, the concert is generally available and can be viewed on the Ninateki website.

Check that video!!!!

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