Klezmer Collective Improvisations @ Aurora

Last night @Aurora in Budapest a completely improvised gig. Harsh noise frequencies complemented with some subtle drumming from Aron Porteleki, were perhaps the ingredients that make me stay for more than one hour in the friendly underground of Aurora. The alto sax and clarinets were responsible for the klezmer vibe of the gig, sometimes perfectly matched with the sines of Zlatko’s analogic electro devices. Although I missed somehow the bass, the drumming style of Aron filled up that rhythmic section, the sax tenor was raucous and breaking the cheesy klezmer’s tunes, but not redirecting to anything. Trumpet player it was more like an audience, he followed the path of the tenor sax but nothing more.

Perhaps Radical Jewish Culture  from Tzadik’s label of John Zorn it was started in the same way in the beginnings of ’90s and one of the personal milestone recording Bar Kochba would have never been possible without those ad-hoc “collective improvisations”!

A collective young klezmer improvisation, it was funny and relaxing for a Wednesday night in Budapest’s underground venues.

The gig was part of a new festival held in different small clubs/venues in Budapest named Negyed7Negyed8 and it will continue until 14th December with some other interesting nights trying to investigate the actual scene of Budapest new sounds.