Tu chiar stii cum suna o toba? Ai suflat in ea?

Ba’ejtinebun? Tu chiar stii cum suna o toba?

Joi, 6 martie la Moszkva Cafe #Oradea de la ora 20:30 din ciclul evenimentelor incomode si nemaiauzite pe malu’ Crisului, un concert experiment. In bezna totala, tu si urechile tale. Niste rasuflari, un continuum de senzatii si misculatii sonore cu ANTEZ si cazanul lui.

My Continuums are pieces of music for rubbed percussion. They are characterised by the acoustic emission of sounds.
At first I used cymbals, but I quickly started looking for any kind of objects, often found objects of different compositions; which after a few transformations, allowed me to continue to develop this sound material and motion work.

My Continuums have unusual sonic textures, they escape traditional percussion registers. They test the limits of our perception: from infra to ultrasonic, by playing phase shifts. They insert themselves into the intimacy of sound matter, through micro sounds, and we are presented with an audio saturation by noise density.

The flow of these sounds evokes both restraint and excess, immersion and timelessness.

Bilet in avans la bar:10 lei, in ziua evenimentului 15 lei